October 15, 2018

Bad Ideas Ep. 3
Luke + Mallory Leasure


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Cats. Coffee. Cool tunes. This week on Bad Ideas we interviewed photographers and longtime Stocksy contributors Luke + Mallory Leasure. The couple has a powerful partnership in photography, playing off each other’s creative strengths. Outside of work, Mallory’s passion for cats and coffee keep her motivated, while Luke spends his time making music and fixing up their home in Vancouver, WA.

In this episode, Kevin and the creative duo muse over growing up in Phoenix, moving to the PNW, making music, taking on commercial clients and being wedding photography pros.

Listen to Luke’s music project: Some Friends

Check out some of Luke + Mallory’s work

Luke and Mallory Leasure are decade-long lovers and lifetime-long friends based out of Portland, Oregon. Shop their collection here. Follow along on with these cuties on their Instagrams (Mallory, Luke) or check out their blog! If Mallory were a type of cheese, she would be Goat Cheese. 🐐

Music/Sound Design and Podcast Production by Eddie Pearson

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