September 24, 2018

Bad Ideas Ep. 2
Matthew Haynes


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Australian through and through, Matthew Haynes is the founder of The Design Conference (TDC) based out of Brisbane Australia — an event that began in 2010 with the sole intention of holding a conference tailor-made for creatives to develop community and learn from one another. After wrapping up his eighth conference to date, the former Minor League Baseball star came up to Victoria, BC to hang out at Stocksy HQ to discuss future endeavors.

In this episode of Bad Ideas, Kevin and Matt “share” some pizza and beer* and talk about living life to the fullest, future dreams and goals and Boxing Day with the boys.

*If you are sensitive to listening to people eat and talk, this episode may be a challenge as Matt was adamant about eating 2 pizzas (that’s pies, not slices) while we interviewed him. His insights are powerful and could encourage a call for pizza delivery, which is almost never a bad idea.

Win a free ticket to The Design Conference 2019!

If you want to score a ticket to The Design Conference 2019, contact Matthew Haynes at [email protected] and tell him who you are and why you’ve got to be the one to get this ticket. Good luck!

Check out Matt’s Instagram for more Aussie TDC adventures

To get involved and be a part of The Design Conference click here. To follow along and stay connected with Matt Haynes, check out his Instagram or LinkedIn.
If Matt was a type of cheese, he would be Brie.

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