August 29, 2018

Bad Ideas Ep. 1
Evan Dalen


Evan Dalen grew up outside of Longview, WA and began using his camera to capture the surrounding forest and fauna from a young age. Now based in Portland, OR, Evan’s latest endeavor has been creating concept-art illustrations with his iPad — and just over a year into it, he’s already blowing everyone away. A lot of his inspiration comes from sci-fi and music. He’s a huge fan of Hyperion by Dan Simmons, he’s always looking to Ray Bradbury for motivation, and loves designing album covers for music artist like Adastra.

In the first ever episode of “Bad Ideas: a Stocksy United Podcast” our host, Kevin Gilgan sits down to talk with Evan about things like the evolution of Evan’s artistic expression, following one’s bliss, and, of course, time travel.

Check out some of Evan’s illustrations and photos

See more of Evan’s Stocksy collection here and follow him on Instagram | Twitter | ArtStation. 
If Evan Dalen were a type of cheese, he would be sharp cheddar.

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