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April 28, 2017

Otherworldly Dreamscapes with Alexandr Ivanets

Juxtaposing serene landscapes with a powerful sense of isolation and the unknown, Stocksy’s Alexandr Ivanets weaves a dreamlike narrative, contrasting the fantastical with the familiar. Inspired by the 55th anniversary of humankind’s first venture into space, Ivanets explores identity, new frontiers and the continuum of the cosmos in his otherworldly series “In Space”.

Struck by a feeling of spatial equality, Ivanets notes: “During the shoot, I realized that we live on a planet just like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. We are equal. Exploring Earth is definitely worthwhile and it still deserves our attention—it remains the most unique planet in our solar system. “

Side view of astronaut in costume standing among snowy plain and holding piece of ice.

“As for space, it is not far away. We are in space on our planet right now.”

— Alexandr Ivanets

Side view of person in astronaut costume sitting on ice block and drinking coffee.


Hailing from Novosibirsk, Russia, fine art photographer Alexandr Ivanets specializes in portraits and travel photography. He loves shooting film and favours his Contax 645. More from Alexandr Ivanets on Stocksy >

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