December 7, 2018

7 Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Are Always Cold

If you’ve never had the chilling pleasure of living with a Forevercold, they are quite easy to spot in the outside world. Look for people in the office who are constantly sipping on tea or hot water. They often can be found fighting over the thermostat or draping themselves in various knits and woolen throws (but still look like they’ve been waiting for the bus for the past hour in their underwear). The experience of shaking hands with a Forevercold is kind of like a cross between dunking your body in an arctic plunge pool and sticking your fingers in an electric socket—really shocking and horribly unpleasant.

But don’t be tempted to hate on these chilly pariahs. It’s not their fault. They just need to be equipped with the necessary tools to combat their constant state of refrigeration.

Gift your special Forevercold with any of the following and you’ll be sure to watch their hearts melt with toasty appreciation.

1. Wooly Socks

A Forevercold can never have too many cozy socks. Stock your polar pal up and help them navigate treacherous bathroom tiles and hardwood floors.

2. Oversized Scarf

The most versatile piece in a Forevercold’s wardrobe, this drapey tapestry can be worn outside, in the office or at home. Worn as a scarf, wrap or blanket, every frigid soul should have one.

3. Anything Bath

The best way to warm up is in a vat of hot water. Make that tub special with smelly bath bombs, soaking salts, scented candles and of course, bubbles.

Perfect Beanie

Heat escapes the body through the head, so it’s of the utmost importance to have a versatile skullcap to protect your Forevercold’s noggin from winter’s grasp.

4. Books

One of the coziest activities thinkable, reading is meant for nestling in a den of warmth while the wind whips and the rain pours outside. Pair with a warm cup of something for maximum relaxation.

5. More Mugs

When a bath is not an option and your frigid friend is in need of a serious thermal infusion, there’s nothing like an array of lovely vessels to fill with sweet, hot liquids.

6. Throw Blanket

Multi useful, the throw blanket acts as a decorative home accent, which is nice, but the throw also has practical purpose for creating a snuggle zone for one, two or three. Also great for nap transitioning.

7. Rescue Pups

Maybe not the best repeat gift, but a warm-blooded furball curled up in your lap is probably the best space heater money can buy.

Add any of these items to your special Forevercold’s war-with-winter arsenal and they will be undoubtedly grateful. If all else fails, hop on a plane and go somewhere tropical.

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