October 9, 2018

5 Music Videos You Need To Watch

Here at Stocksy, our staff is always on the hunt, scouring the internets for all things new and inspiring to keep us creatively motivated. Have a look at what’s been catching our attention lately and stay tuned for more effortless inspiration to come.

This week we’re sharing 5 of our favorite music videos, from the new and provocative to some good old nostalgic classics. Potential sing-alongs in your future. ?

SOPHIE – Faceshopping

Directed by SOPHIE

“The use of text and editing and 3D renderings gives the whole thing a thrilling, nightmarish, humans of late capitalism vibe. It also reminds me a bit of my favorite movie, Under The Skin.” – Drew Ng, Creative Director

BJORK – Bachelorette

Directed by Michel Gondry

“I love it because the concept is like a snake eating itself, as well as an illustration on how as an artwork increases with popularity it becomes cheaper with every new pressing/recreation until eventually, it lost all its meaning. It’s full of fascinating metaphors” – Cameron Whitman, Director of Artist Relations for Photo

CULTS –  High Road

Directed by Hiro Murai

“So hard to pick one! But here’s an example of B&W cinematography done right. I love the stylistic, surreal tone and the graphic use of contrast, balance, and repetition satisfy my designer sensibilities.” – Bry Williams, Graphic Desiigner

DAVE BRUBECK – Unsquare Dance

“This set design + choreography.” – Ivar Teunissen, Community Manager

ENIGMA – Return To Innocence

Directed by Julien Temple

“One of my all-time favorite videos, while the concept of reversing videos is simple now, back then and in combination with the visuals and message of the song, still make this Enigma song and video, one of my all-time favorites that continues to inspire me” – George Georgeadis, Content Development Director

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