all_maple_syrup_cake_with_pecans by Beatrix Horváth-Gallai for Stocksy United


For the pecan & maple syrup sponge cake: - 8 eggs - 150 ml maple syrup - zest of a lemon - a pinch of salt - 180 g flour - 12 g baking powder - 100 g pecan, toasted and ground For the maple syrup meringue: - 2 egg whites - 120 ml maple syrup - 130 g sugar - ¼ tsp. tartaric acid - ¼ tsp. salt - optional: zest of a lemon/ 1 vanilla pod/ 2 tbsp. rum/ 2 tbsp. apricot jam/ 2 tbsp. pecan, toasted and ground - for the top: butter caramels, cut in pieces Preparation: 1. For the sponge cake beat the egg yolks until light and foamy, then pour the maple syrup to the egg yolks while stirring constantly. Add the lemon zest and the salt and mix them well. 2. Sift together the flour and the baking powder and add the pecans. 3. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form, then fold the egg whites and the flour & pecan mixture to the egg yolks in turns. 4. Pour the batter to a baking pan (buttered & sprinkled with flour) and bake until golden brown (appr. 40 minutes) in the oven preheated to 160°C. 5. For the meringue beat all ingredients with the exception of the optional ingredients in a double boiler until stiff peaks form. In the end, mix in the optional ingredient(s) chosen. 6. Pile the meringue on the sponge cake and sprinkle it with the pieces of butter caramels.

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