grapefruit and pomegranate frozen parfait dessert by Gillian Vann for Stocksy United

grapefruit and pomegranate frozen parfait dessert

Ingredients: 1 egg 120g sugar (this amount can be adjusted depending on the sweetness of your fruit) 125ml cream pureed fruit or juice (amount will vary, just wing it) for this recipe I used the juice of 1 grapefruit and a little pomegranate juice for extra colour. Method: Whisk egg and sugar over a pan of simmering water until thick and pale. Remove from heat and set aside to cook. Whip cream to form stiff peaks and fold through cooled egg mixture. Add pureed fruit. Pour into moulds and place in freezer to set. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and fresh mint leaves for a festive look.

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Uploaded 12 October, 2015
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