Carrot Thick Soup with Chick-Peas by Beatrix Horváth-Gallai for Stocksy United

Carrot Thick Soup with Chick-Peas

Carrot Thick Soup with Chick-Peas Ingredients: - 1 kg carrots (peeled and chopped) - 4 tbsp. olive oil - Salt - 1,5 tbsp. honey - Pinch of Chinese five-spice mixture - Pinch of cayenne pepper - 3 cloves of garlic (mashed) - 140 ml vegetable or chicken stock/water To the top: - yoghurt - yellow chilli (chopped) - coriander (chopped) - chick-peas - pepper Roast the carrots in the oil, sometimes stirring them. Add the honey, and then caramelize it. Mix the five-spice mixture, the cayenne pepper and the mashed garlic to the carrots, too. Pour the stock or water to the carrots, and cook until carrots are tender. Purée the soup with an immersion blender. Put yoghurt, yellow chilli, coriander, and chick-peas on the top of the soup.

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Uploaded 25 July, 2013
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