Tipping flour into a mixing bowl by Kirsty Begg for Stocksy United

Tipping flour into a mixing bowl

Part of series showing the preparation of English Cornish Pasties. Get the recipe at http://www.gourmet-photography.co.uk/latest/cornish-pasty Makes 4 large pasties Pastry 500g strong bread flour 120g white shortening (I used lard) 25g margarine or butter 5g salt 175ml cold water Filling 450g good quality beef eg. skirt (rump or braising steak will also do) 450g potato 250g swede 200g onion Salt & pepper to taste (2:1 ratio) Clotted cream or butter (optional – I didn't use any) Make the pastry; add both fats to flour, add the salt and all the water, and mix together with your hands to combine into dough. Knead until pastry becomes elastic. Wrap in cling film (saran wrap) and leave to rest for 3 hours in a refrigerator. Chop the meat and vegetables, put together in a bowl and season liberally. Divide dough into four, roll out circles of pastry and add a generous amount of the meat and vegetables. Put your dollop of cream or a knob of butter on top, if desired. Bring the pastry around and crimp together. Preheat the oven to 170°C/fan 150°C/gas 3/325°F. Mix an egg with a little salt and brush the pasties with it. Bake for 45 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve warm or cold.
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