The River Tweed.Scotland. by Darren Muir for Stocksy United

The River Tweed.Scotland.

An old stone built bridge spans a narrow stretch of the river tweed in the Scottish Borders, The river Tweed is considered by many as one of the best Salmon fishing rivers in Europe and maybe even the world,It's fished by celebrities and keen anglers from all over the world,This is a typical overcast day on the Tweed at this time of year,but fantastic weather for wild brown trout or salmon fishing.The famous river is also associated with the cloth that bears the same name,which has recently came back in fashion,this was however a misinterpretation of a London merchant reading a letter from a firm in Hawick in 1830 regarding a delivery of bundle of tweel,the merchant read it as Tweed,as the river flows through many different towns in the Scottish borders and took it to be a trade name,the actual real name for the fabric in Scotland is Tweel.

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Uploaded 5 June, 2013
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