Beer beef stew with corn noodles by Beatrix Horváth-Gallai for Stocksy United

Beer beef stew with corn noodles

Beer beef stew with corn noodles For the corn noodles: - 500 g corn flour - 400 ml water (as much as necessary) - 2 egg yolks - 1,5 tsp salt For the tomato beef stew: - olive oil - 1 onion (chopped) - 2 cloves of garlic (chopped) - 500 g minced beef - 1 bunch of fresh rosemary - 4 bay-leaves - 1600 g peeled, chopped tomato (tinned) - 150 ml brown beer - salt, pepper - 100 g salted, roasted peanuts (ground) For the top: - parmesan (grated) Fry the onion on the oil (salt it), then add the minced meat (salt and pepper it) and the spices. Fry the meet, and then pour the tomatoes and the beer to it. Salt and pepper it, and cook it for 2 hours under cover at low fire. At the end add the peanuts too. Knead all the ingredients for the noodles, then put the dough on a cutting board, and cut noodles with a knife. Drop them in hot, salted water and cook them. Mix the noodles with the stew, and sprinkle the dish with cheese.

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Uploaded 4 June, 2013
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