Ram's-horn tagliatelle by Beatrix Horváth-Gallai for Stocksy United

Ram's-horn tagliatelle

Wild garlic tagliatelle with roasted garlic cream and spring onions Ingredients: For the wild garlic tagliatelle: - 250 g flour for pasta - 1 egg - 50 g wild garlic (puréed with 80 ml water) - salt For the roasted garlic cream: - 3 bulbs garlic (baked in the skin) - 30 ml heavy cream - 15 ml dry white wine - salt, pepper Topping: - 8 spring onions (chopped) - freshly ground pepper Preparation: 1. Knead the dough for the pasta. Using a pasta maker, form and cut the tagliatelle. Cook the pasta in salted water for a few minutes (cc. 2 minutes). 2. Boil the white wine until the alcohol evaporates (cc. 2 minutes). Then purée the ingredients of the roasted garlic sauce with an immersion blender until smooth and creamy. 3. Mix the pasta with the sauce, and sprinkle it with lots of pepper and spring onion on the top.

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Uploaded 3 June, 2013

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