That One Night by Jared Ropelato for Stocksy United

That One Night Sometimes I feel like we tend to overstate a lot when explaining or describing things to people. I was listening to Lous CK a while back and he was doing a bit about people using the words "awesome" or "amazing" to describe a sandwich. His point was that by the time you actually have something in your life that inspires awe, you'll have wasted the word on a sandwich, and will have no words left with enough meaning to describe your wedding day or your first born child for example. That being said, this sunset in Napa back in November of 2010, maybe have been the most beautiful I've experienced as a photographer or otherwise, and it sure as hell was awesome. I hope you enjoy, and cheers. Jared Ropelato

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Image #36173
Uploaded 12 April, 2013
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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