Seeing It In Color by Jared Ropelato for Stocksy United

Seeing It In Color The natural world is simply amazing. A hundred year old tree, the sound of water falling from a mile away, rays of light traveling millions of miles… I must have stood here looking at this for forty-five minutes, listening to it. Watching as the rainbows came and went, as the water fell down over the tallest waterfall in the United States, always different with the shifting wind. I must have taken 50 photos without moving my camera, and they're all different. The breath you take in a place like this is a whole different thing altogether. Sometimes, when I'm in the grind, I feel like I'm running out of breath altogether, and then I get to a place like this… and I can breathe. Sitting here now looking at this image, I see the tree growing out of the cliff on the left side of the image, and I'm even more in awe. I hope there are things in this world which make you feel the same way. cheers. Jared Ropelato

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Image #36170
Uploaded 12 April, 2013
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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