We've all seen this look before by ALAN SHAPIRO for Stocksy United

We've all seen this look before

We're either on the receiving end... Yes, I'm talking to the men here; not to be sexist but us guys have yet to master this look. Sure we try. And just look pathetic. Or it backfires and we get double the look back (times a million bajillion.) ...or the giving end. Oh yes, now I'm talkin' to the ladies (with eyes averted) You ladies have mastered this look. You are the queens, empresses and goddesses of this look. My daughter who turns 14 in a few days has turned this look into an art form. (Just like horror/slasher movies can be considered an art form.) This look sends shivers down my spine. This look says say nothing and inch towards the door. This look says get on the phone and send a dozen every darn rose the florist has. Uh...better make that every day for a week. So yesterday while visiting an exotoc animal rescue sanctuary with my daughter who is preparing a research paper and fundraiser for them, I met this lady and wouldn't you know it...despite my charm, soft spoken nature and sincere compliments on her hair do, I got the look. The only bit of good news is I have now named this "look": It's the "Alpaca my bags and leave now" look. And when you see the look, know that hiding behind a camera helps. (Cuz the next thing that happens is they spit.) Stay inspired.

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Uploaded 10 April, 2013

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