Stocksy United aims to set the bar for creativity. We offer a tightly curated collection of high-quality stock photos to anyone seeking modern, relevant, authentic images. We are a cooperative driven by our core values to offer photographers a supportive community, fair pay and equity in the company as co-owners.

The Co-op

Stocksy United is a multi-stakeholder co-operative, which means all of our photographers are also co-owners of the company. We’re collectively driven by our shared vision for creative integrity and sustainable business practices. The community behind Stocksy gains its strength through the open collaboration and support of ideas, experience, and artistic vision.

Our financial structure is designed to pay out the majority of profits, with 50% of the initial royalty ($5-$50) and 75% of every extended license going directly into our photographer’s pockets. At the end of each year, the co-operatives profits are distributed back to its members.

We grow our photographer membership by 500 each year to ensure sustainable growth of the collection and the incomes of our members.

Since opening its doors in 2013 Stocksy has experienced explosive growth. We’re proud to be leading the way in the success of the cooperative model.

The Team

Stocksy United was co-founded by veterans of the stock photo industry who were ready for a change. Our collective efforts and expertise in business, curation, community, photography, design, and IT create a Voltron combination for a shared vision in creating a better future. We’re incredibly proud of our small yet fierce team responsible for Stocksy’s success.

Contact Us

Toll Free +1 (800) 997-1287
U.S. & Canada
Direct +1 (646) 863-4443
Fax +1 (250) 590-7333

Mailing Address

Stocksy United
#320 - 560 Johnson Street
Victoria BC
V8W 3C6